Your adornments should be the last thing you put on and the first things you take off. Our jewellery is made for you to enjoy and we want you to keep it in your family through the generations. To help you achieve this, here are some key things to do when caring for your jewellery and also some other helpful tips.



•Remove your jewellery before coming into contact with any harmful chemicals such as detergents, hairspray, perfumes and lotions.

•Avoid your jewellery coming in contact with water.

•Try to avoid knocking your jewellery on hard surfaces.

•Polish your jewellery with a soft cloth to ensure your jewellery maintains it's original lustre.

•Store your jewellery individually either in it's original packaging or a soft pouch to ensure it is not scratched or tangled.

•Pearls love to be worn; wear your pearls as often as you can as the oils in your skin only enhance them.

•Avoid pulling sharply or stretching the jewellery. 


Jewellery is best left in its box when you are doing any DIY, washing up, cleaning, gardening or playing sports. If you are wearing jewellery with stones, it should be removed when you sleep to avoid those stones becoming loose due to catching fibres in your bedsheets.



To maintain that sparkle, you should clean your jewellery on a regular basis. Specialist jewellery cleaning products (ensuring that you adhere to the manufacturers instructions) or taking your jewellery to a professional jeweller and asking them to do it for you are the only 2 cleaning methods Sofia recommends.

Metal specific considerations 



Vermeil on Sterling Silver can fade after time, so in order to keep your plated jewellery looking it's best, we offer a replating service at the following charges:

• £10 for small items (Rings, small earrings and pendants)

• £20 for larger items (Necklaces, bracelets) 

• £35 for Cuffs and larger necklaces

• £50 for diamond pavé jewellery

 We guarantee the plating of all of our vermeil products to last for 1 year, so if your items needs replating before this 1 year period, we will replate your item for free.



Sterling silver can be easily polished or buffed with a soft cotton cloth or specialist jewellery cloths. Storing silver in its box or a sealed bag will prevent its tarnishing. 



Pearls are very sensitive and should be treated with care to maintain their shine, colour and overall elegance

The pearls in our beaded necklaces are individually knotted in a material that is several times stronger than steel. If for any reason, your necklace needs to be re-strung, please contact us for a quote.


Sofia's final word

We want our products to be as beautiful as you are, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. For any questions, suggestions or feedback, please email